Change the 1 to 1 VPN routing

With this Add-in you can change the 1 to 1 VPN routing, to make additional private Networks reachable via the VPN connection. Important Variables:

  • context.vars.centralVPN = true
  • context.vars.remoteVPN = true

The following example expects the centralVPN Device to have an additional network, that the remoteVPN Device wants to reach over the existing VPN-Connection in the untagged (VLAN 1) Network.

* @param {Config} config
* @param {Context} context
* Do not edit this comment or parameter types. Required for code suggestions
exports.main = function (config, context) {
   var addFirewallRule = function (Name, Source, Destination, Action, RtgTag) {
       var firewallRule = config.getTableByOid("");
       var firewallRule_row = firewallRule.createNewRow();
       firewallRule_row.setByOid("1", Name);
       firewallRule_row.setByOid("3", Source);
       firewallRule_row.setByOid("4", Destination);
       firewallRule_row.setByOid("7", Action);
       firewallRule_row.setByOid("14", RtgTag);
   var addRoute = function (DestinationIP, IpMask, RtgTag, AdminDistance, PeerOrIP, Distance, Masquerade, Active, Comment) {
       var TableRouting = config.getTableByOid("");
       var TableRouting_row = TableRouting.createNewRow();
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(1, DestinationIP);
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(2, IpMask);
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(8, RtgTag);
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(9, AdminDistance);
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(3, PeerOrIP);
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(4, Distance);
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(5, Masquerade);
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(6, Active);
       TableRouting_row.setByOid(7, Comment);

   // centralVPN = Settings regarding and outgoint to Central Site Device
   // remoteVPN  = Settings regarding and outgoint to Remote Site Device

   // Firewall Rule and Routing Table Entry on Central Site Device
   if (context.vars.centralVPN == "true") {
       addFirewallRule("RuleName", "%HremoteVPNPeer", "%centralVPNNetworkName", "ACCEPT", "centralVPNNetworkRtgTag")
       addRoute("remoteVPNNetwork", "remoteVPNNetmask", "0", "0", "remoteVPNPeer", "4", "0", "0", "Route for additional Central VPN Network to Remote VPN Peer")

// Firewall Rule and Routing Table Entry on Remote Site Device
   if (context.vars.remoteVPN == "true") {
       addFirewallRule("RuleName", "%HcentralVPNPeer", "%LremoteVPNNetworkName", "ACCEPT", "remoteVPNNetworkRtgTag")
       addRoute("centralVPNNetwork", "centralVPNNetmask", "0", "0", "centralVPNPeer", "4", "0", "0", "Route for additional Central VPN Network")


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