Firmware update on LCOS devices

This Addin script can be used if you want to install a daily build or a different firmware than the one available in the LMC.

 * @param {Config} config
 * @param {Context} context
 * Do not edit this comment or parameter types. Required for code suggestions
exports.main = function (config, context) {

    if (context.device.type.indexOf("device type") >= 0) { // limit execution to one device type (device type = device model as named in sysinfo)
        config.addScriptLine('sleep 30s'); // important do not change
        config.addScriptLine('loadfirmware -n -a "source address" https://link-to-firmware-webserver/directory-to-upx-file'); // loadfirmware command + link to upx file

    // example for one device type
    if (context.device.type.indexOf("LANCOM OAP-830") >= 0) { 
        config.addScriptLine('sleep 30s');
        config.addScriptLine('loadfirmware -n -a INTRANET');


download json file

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