Configure DNS Forwarding on LCOS devices

This Addin script can be used if you want to configure DNS Forwarding on LCOS devices.

 * @param {Config} config
 * @param {Context} context
 * Do not edit this comment or parameter types. Required for code suggestions
exports.main = function (config, context) {

    var Domain = context.vars.v1_Domain;
    var RtgTag = context.vars.v2_RoutingTag;
    var RemoteSite = context.vars.v3_RemoteSite;

    var DNSDestinations = config.getTableByOid("");
    var NewRow = DNSDestinations.createNewRow();
    NewRow.setByOid("1", Domain);  
    NewRow.setByOid("3", RtgTag); 
    NewRow.setByOid("2", RemoteSite); 


download json file

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