Visibility of Add-Ins

When viewing the detail configuration of a device, you have the option to preview the results of (automated) configuration concepts. This includes the configuration elements derived from the SD-WAN, SD-LAN, SD-WLAN and SD-Security settings. The changes from Add-Ins that work via oid are applied on top of this, and are also shown.

This way you can verify the configuration of a single device before rolling out any changes.

To inspect the final configuration, proceed as follows:

  • select a device
  • select the Detail configuration tab
  • wait for the configuration to load
  • click on the context menu on the right, labeled with •••
  • click on Display automatically generated data
  • wait for the configuration to load
  • optional: now, by clicking on show script, you can view the script resulting from Add-Ins by making use of addScriptLine

Note, that the detail configuration is read-only while displaying automatically generated config data. You can switch back to the detail configuration by clicking on Hide automatically generated data in the context menu.

The detail configuration with the context menu button on the right hand side:

The context menu to view autom. generated data:

The preview dialog of the script (containing only a comment):

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