Unified Firewall autoupdate LCOS FX with patches of minor firmware versions

With the following Addin script you can automatically update LCOS FX with patches of minor firmware versions (Release & Security Updates).

Note: Release updates, e.g. from LCOS FX 10.6 RU2 to 10.7, are not performed automatically by this script.

 * @param {Config} config
 * @param {Context} context
 * Do not edit this comment or parameter types. Required for code suggestions
exports.main = function (config, context) {
    var ufApi = config.getUfApi();

    // Automatische Update-Installation aktivieren.
    // Betrifft nur Patches RU1, RU2, RU3 usw. zu einer Minor Version.
    // Release Updates z.B. 10.6 RU2 auf 10.7 werden nicht automatisch durchgeführt.
        method: "PUT",
        uri: '/model/updates-settings',
        body: {
            'autoInstallType': 'recommended'

    // Update-Liste aktualisieren, um ausstehende Updates sofort zu installieren.
        method: "POST",
        uri: "/api/updates/refresh-updates-list"

download json file

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