LCOS Configuration

To assist with finding the right oids and paths when writing Add-Ins, please check the LCOS Menu Reference .

On an LCOS device try the following:

ls -a


set ?

Another way of finding the ids of an existing configuration, is to create or open the configuration with LANconfig, and then save the configuration as a Script file (.lcs).

For this, proceed as follows:

  1. Safe the configuration of a factory reset device via LANconfig default-config.lcs
  2. Change the configuration or open an existing with LANconfig
  3. Save the resulting configuration as a second script file my-changes.lcs
  4. Now, diff the two .lcs files
  5. From the differences you can learn what has been changed
  6. (remove any flash = no commands, this behavior is managed by the LMC)

The first lines of an *.lcs configuration file:

# Script (10.30.0075 / 09.05.2019) (0x0020c11c,IDs:2,3,4,8,e,f,15,2b,30;0x0c000453)

lang English
flash No

set /Setup/Name "TestDevice-Name"
cd /Setup/WAN/DSL-Broadband-Peers
del *
tab  Peer              SH-Time  AC-name                                                           Servicename                       WAN-layer  ATM-VPI  ATM-VCI  MAC-Type   user-def.-MAC  DSL-ifc(s)                                                       VLAN-ID  Prio-Mapping  IPv6
add  "INTERNET"        9999     ""                                                                ""                                "DHCPOE"   0        0        local      000000000000   "5"                                                              0        off           "DEFAULT"
cd /

# [...]

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