LCOS LX-based access points can be managed by a LANCOM WLAN controller (WLC). Like LCOS-based access points, they use the CAPWAP protocol.

Important: The prerequisite for this is a LANCOM WLAN controller with LCOS version 10.40 or higher.
Note: For background information on WLAN management with LANCOM WLAN controllers, see the section "WLAN management" in the LCOS reference manual.

In their factory default settings, LCOS LX-based access points search the local network for a WLAN controller. They also query the DNS name "WLC-Address" to try to reach a WLAN controller.

Note: An access point will not try to contact the LANCOM Management Cloud if it is already being managed by a WLC.
Note: If the access point is managed by the LANCOM Management Cloud and a WLAN configuration is rolled out to the access point by the LMC in this context, the access point will no longer attempt to contact a WLC.

This make it possible to use zero-touch commissioning, which means that no further configuration of the access point is necessary. A manual configuration may still be necessary in certain circumstances. This can be done using LANconfig in the device configuration under Wireless LAN > WLC.

Operating with WLC
This configures whether an access point actively searches for a WLC and can be managed by one.
Note: This option should be deactivated for operation in stand-alone mode.
Configures the port used to attempt to reach a WLC. The default value of 1027 is the default port used by the CAPWAP protocol. By default, LANCOM WLCs also use this port.
Update certificate before
Configures how many days before its expiry that the device certificate used by the access point to authenticate at the WLC is renewed.
WLAN Controller
Configures user-specified WLAN controllers. This may be necessary if a WLC cannot be found via the local network (e.g. with routed connections) and also the DNS name "WLC-Address" cannot be used to inform the access point about the address of the WLC.


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