Supported features

LCOS LX supports the following features for WLC operations:

Area Feature Supported?
In general Password synchronization Yes
WLC tunnel Yes
WLAN scheduling Yes
Logical WLAN configuration VLAN tagging Yes
WPA2 Yes
WPA3 Yes
Enhanced Open Yes
Enhanced Open Transitional No
802.1X Yes
RADIUS profile Yes
Standalone mode Yes
802.11u/Hotspot 2.0 No
MAC check Yes
RADIUS accounting Yes
Inter-station traffic Yes
Fast roaming Yes
Base rate adjustable No
Client bridge support No
Bandwidth limitation per SSID Yes
Bandwidth limitation per client No
Maximum count of clients Yes
Min. client signal strength Yes
Client disassociation signal strength No
Convert to unicast No
Transmit only unicasts No
U-APSD Activated permanently
Encrypt mgmt frames Yes
Physical WLAN parameters Country setting Yes
Configure 2.4-GHz mode Yes
Configure 5-GHz mode Yes
Configure 5-GHz sub-bands Yes
Set DTIM period No
Set the background scan interval No
Set antenna gain Yes
Set TX power reduction No
Activate the VLAN module 1
ARC: Client steering Yes 2
ARC: Adaptive RF Optimization No
Enable QoS according to 802.11e (WME) Activated permanently
Indoor-only mode activated Yes
Report seen unknown clients No
General/profile Specify alternative WLCs No
Configuration delay No
LED profiles Yes
Wireless ePaper No
Wireless IDS No
AutoWDS No
IP parameter profiles Yes
Firmware management Yes
Script management No
Assignment of a VLAN ID via LEPS-MAC (Dynamic VLAN) Yes
ARC: RF optimization No
1 Unnecessary with LCOS LX.
2 Currently, only AP-based band steering is supported. The settings Preferred frequency band and Probe request age-out time have no influence.                                                                                                                                                                    

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