Settings relating to the roaming profile are configured under Wireless-LAN > WDS > Client Settings > Roaming.

Profile name
Use a unique profile name, which you specify later in the WDS connection.
Signal strength threshold
Enter the threshold value from which the scan interval of the access point should change. Values from 0 to 100 specify a percentage value. Values from -100 to 0 are in dbm.
Good signal scan interval
If the signal strength is above the limit, a scan is performed in seconds during this time to check if a better access point becomes available to connect.
Bad signal scan interval
If the signal strength falls to the specified limit, a scan is triggered directly to search for a better access point. If no better access point is available, the search continues in the specified time in seconds until a connection to an access point with a better signal strength could be connected or the signal with the connected access point has improved again.

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