Rate selection

Increasing the broadcast and multicast data rates can help to reduce the load on the medium. Broadcasts and multicasts are usually sent at the lowest possible rate in order to reach distant clients; however, this means that they occupy a large slice of medium time. Adjusting this setting can be particularly useful in large networks with a high density of access points.

Configure the broadcast and multicast data rates under Wireless-LAN > WLAN-Networks > Rate-Selection.

Network name
The network or SSID to which the rates configured here should apply. The name must match with a name of a network set up in Networks.
Radio band
The band that the rates configured here apply to. This can be further limited to a specific band.
The rate to use for sending broadcasts.

If 6 Mbit/s, 12 Mbit/s or 24 Mbit/s is selected as the broadcast rate, this rate is also used for sending beacons.

Rates other than these only affect broadcast packets and do not change the beacon rate.

The rate to use for sending multicasts.


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