2.4-GHz sub-profiles

The settings for the 2.4-GHz sub-profiles are located under Wireless LAN > Client Management > 2.4GHz sub-profiles.

Profile name
Give this 2.4‑GHz sub-profile a descriptive name.
Utilization check interval
Configures the interval (in seconds) for checking media utilization.
Utilization average period
Configures the period (in seconds) over which the media utilization is averaged. This value must always be higher than the value configured for the Utilization check interval.
Utilization overload threshold
Configures the media utilization (in percent) above which the current 2.4-GHz channel is assumed to be overloaded.
Utilization deviation threshold
Configures the media utilization (in percent) which, together with the expected media utilization, may be reached before any further downgrade steering is stopped (until the next measurement of medium utilization).
Interference detection
Configures whether interference on the configured 2.4-GHz channel is considered for steering decisions.
Delay probe signal threshold
Specifies the client signal strength (in dB) that must be reached before steering-related probe responses are delayed.
Delay probe time window
Configures the time window (in seconds) in which a client must receive at least the number of probe requests configured under Delay min. request count before it responds to them.
Delay min. request count
Configures the number of probe requests that a client must receive within the period configured under Delay probe time window before it responds to them.


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