Dynamic VLAN for 802.1X

The RADIUS server uses dynamic VLAN to assign a VLAN ID to the WLAN client for 802.1X authentication. This assigns clients to the required VLAN without the need to operate a separate SSID for each VLAN.

The RADIUS server must send the following attributes in the accept message:

ID Name Meaning Possible values in LCOS LX
64 Tunnel-Type Defines the tunneling protocol which will be used for the session. 13 (VLAN)
65 Tunnel-Medium-Type Defines the transport medium over which the tunneled session will be established. 6 (IEEE 802)
81 Tunnel-Private-Group-ID Specifies a required VLAN ID. 1 – 4096

Specific issues when using RADIUS authentication with dynamic VLAN assignment on LCOS LX access points (802.1X):

If RADIUS authentication with dynamic VLAN assignment is to be configured, there are some special features to be considered for LCOS LX devices, which are summarised in this Knowledge Base article.


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