Professional IPSec VPN

  • These new-series routers operate IPSec VPN to secure the networking between multiple locations, and provide VPN dial-in connections-with up to 5 and optionally 25 simultaneous VPN channels. The new generation of routers works with a real-time clock and a hardware random-number generator to provide maximum security VPN and comprehensive support for digital certificates.

Full control

  • The LANCOM Management System LCMS provides a wealth of features for on- and offline configuration of the new router series. The easy-to-operate user interface is standardized for all LANCOM products and available at no charge. Professional diagnostic tools provide comprehensive network monitoring and troubleshooting.


  • The fully configurable object-oriented stateful-inspection firewall protects the network with intrusion prevention and Denial of Service protection. Optionally available is the LANCOM Content Filter for effective web protection for up to 100 users.

Sixteen virtual routers in one

  • The LANCOM 1781 business routers support up to 16 virtual network contexts. As an example of an application, multiple companies can share a single Internet connection and significantly reduce infrastructure costs. In home offices, too, virtual routers keep your private data securely separated from your business data.