Power-saving Gigabit Ethernet

  • The integrated Ethernet switch enables high data rates and energy efficiency as per 802.3az: Inactive ports are automatically switched off.

Next-generation cellular networking

  • The LANCOM 1781 series business routers backup your primary connection conveniently by cellular connection, either with the aid of a USB modem or by selecting a model with an integrated HSPA+ modem. Coming soon: The LANCOM business router with integrated LTE for sites without DSL.

More security in the VPN

  • The new router platform, equipped with a faster CPU and four times more memory, guarantees maximum security in the VPN with its real-time clock, hardware random-number generator, and extensive support for digital certificates.

The right model, whatever your connection

  • The new business routers are the first models that are compatible with ADSL connections according to Annex A / B / J / M - including the all-IP connections of the future. Flexibility is the key with the coming models for fiber optic cables, broadband connections via cellular networks or, with the aid of an external modem, for cable, VDSL and SDSL connections, too.