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Economical Multi-Site Networking & Access to Broadband Internetternet

At the top of the agenda for many IT departments is the economical networking of permanent and temporary sites along with the constant availability of high-speed Internet access. The least attractive option to many: Connection via expensive leased lines or the effort and expense of cable laying.



Outdoor-Multi-Site Networking

With a minimum of planning and installation effor, high-performance outdoor wireless links from LANCOM provide a line-of-sight connection between sites over several kilometers. For establishing wireless links, LANCOM supplies specialized outdoor access points and directional antennas for different ranges. Operational reliability can be maximized with redundant links.



Connection to Broadband Internet

Point-to-point connections of this type can also provide companies or even entire industrial estates & business parks with high-speed Internet in areas where no cabled broadband connection isavailable. A wireless link is established between the site and an adjacent location with cabled high-speed Internet such as DSL.


LANCOM Advantages

LANCOM has years of experience in establishing outdoor wireless links.


  • Extensive outdoor portfolio of access points, antennas and cable/mounting equipment 
  • Weather-proof components with IP 67 protective housings for operations between -30°C and +70°C (-22 F to 158 F). 
  • Wireless links over up to 20 km (12.4 miles), bandwidths of up to 300 Mbps 
  • License-free 5 GHz technology, approved for use throughout Europe, up to 1 Watt transmission power and 19 channels 
  • BFWA (Broadband Fixed Wireless Access) compliant with up to 4 Watt transmission power in the 5 GHz band (depending on local legislation) 
  • Solutions for single point-to-point links and carriers (wireless ISPs) 
  • Optional VPN tunneling





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