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Indoor Wireless LAN Solutions

Wireless solutions for enterprises and institutions

More flexibility, more mobility, and convenience at a lower cost than wired networks. There is no need of expensive cabling. WLANs can be quickly installed without any changes to the building‘s construction, and they offer more flexibility for employees than wired LANs. Working at their laptops, tablet PCs or smartphones, your employees use the WLAN for full access to the company network or the Internet – whether they are at the neighboring colleague‘s desk, in a conference room, or even in another building.

We offer solutions for challenging scenarios

Connecting mobile devices to the corporate network


Free or paid Internet guest access for customers or guests with their own mobile devices (“bring your own device”)


Direct forwarding of orders entered into handheld devices, for example in cafés or restaurants


Real-time updates of stock inventories through WLAN-based recording of goods in and goods out

Voice over WLAN for wireless telephony


References & Success Stories

Customers from all branches of industry, from institutions and hospitals have relied on indoor wireless LAN from LANCOM for years. We present you with a number of interesting installations in the form of success stories.