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LTE – LANCOM added values

LANCOM LTE routers have an integrated multiband LTE modem for the high-speed cellular standard LTE for a professional access to mobile broadband connections. Outstanding features are the support of the 800, 1800, and 2600 MHz frequency bands and all current 2G, 3G, and 4G celluar standards. Thus a high-speed broadband connectivity in areas without DSL availability and cities with up to 100 Mbit/s is provided, depending on the development of the cellular networks. On top of that, they provide a true 'last mile' alternative for sites without sufficient DSL coverage.

Your advantages with LANCOM LTE

  • Professional site-connectivity with 5 simultaneous IPSec VPN channels (optionally 25)
  • Object-oriented stateful inspection firewall with instrusion detection and denial of service protection – fully configurable
  • Comprehensive management and monitoring with free-of-charge software package LCMS
  • Improved reception via optional external LTE antenna (AirLancer I-360-4G and AirLancer O-360-4G)
  • Optional Content Filter for up to 100 users
  • Integrated GPS receiver for theft protection (depending on the model)
  • Quality-of-Service functionality

Guided Tour

We would like to invite you on a tour through the manifold possibilities that LTE offers you.

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