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Connecting Mobile Users

In many branches mobility is a key theme. Many employees frequently have to travel for their work, visit customers on site, support projects all over the world—or simply want to take their laptop home with them to finish that presentation over the weekend. How can you supply them with information and integrate them into the communications system?



The solution is obvious: Just as a company can network its sites, mobile employees can be quickly integrated into the company network without exposure to security risk by VPN. The only requirement is Internet access—for example from a public HotSpot or via UMTS—and a small but vital piece of software: the LANCOM VPN Client on the laptop. 

  • Using the hotel's WLAN, the field-staff employee accesses the company network, checks scheduling details and downloads the very latest product presentations.
  • In the airport departure lounge or on the train, the managing director en route to the next appointment can quickly download the latest sales figures.
  • At conferences, employees can easily use the public spot to access the company network to take care of urgent correspondence in the coffee breaks.
  • Secure VPN connectivity to the corporate network via smartphone or tablet PC - with the LANCOM myVPN App


LANCOM Advantages

The VPN Client from LANCOM is the convenient and economical solution for securely connecting mobile employees to the company network. 


  • Secure access via any Internet connection, including public hotspots 
  • Simple 1-Click configuration of VPN clients—profiles sent by e-mail 
  • Friendly net detection: automatic recognition of the environment and activation of the appropriate security profile. 
  • Integrated modem control for UMTS cards, WLAN and DSL/ISDN/analog services 
  • Easy configuration of integrated VPN clients in smartphones or tablet PCs with LANCOM myVPN