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Cost-effective, Secure Connection of Home Offices

Today, a working world without flexibility is unthinkable. Balancing family and career by teleworking, the responsibility for remote sales regions, working as a sales representative for foreign companies—these are scenarios that force companies to rethink their operations. Not only do remote sites require connectivity, employees working from home also need seamless integration into the network.


VPNs from LANCOM are the most economical alternative for seamlessly integrating home workplaces into the company network. Similar to remote sites, the connection is provided via a cost-effective and secure Internet connection. 

  • Employees in their home offices work with all the convenience and the same information as their colleagues in the office.
  • Unlimited access to e-mail and other vital resources is available from the home office.
  • In combination with VoIP, employees can be called at their usual extension number even when they are in their home office—and they can call the company for free.
  • The devices in the home office can be remotely configured from the central IT department.

References & Success Stories

Customers from all branches of trade, industry and the public sector trust in secure VPN solutions from LANCOM. We present you with a number of interesting installations in the form of success stories: 

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LANCOM Advantages

VPN solutions from LANCOM are the flexible and economic solution for secure connectivity of home-office workplaces to the company network. 


  • Highly integrated, economical all-round solutions: VPN company connectivity with PBX integration and WLAN 
  • Flexible connection via broadband connections such as DSL, ADSL2+ and ISDN 
  • Radio connection via UMTS for homes without DSL coverage 
  • 1-Click-VPN for fast VPN client setup by drag & drop 
  • Easy configuration of VPN clients by e-mail 
  • Separate private and company Internet access by using virtual routers (LANCOM Advanced Routing and Forwarding, ARF) 
  • Devices and settings can be configured remotely


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