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Intelligent network infrastructure for retailers and chain stores

Customers today don't just want to go shopping – they want a personalized shopping experience. This is why brick and mortar retail is changing and following a new digital trend. How will you meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of your customers? The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to be creative and innovative. The forward-looking solutions from LANCOM will do more than reduce your operating costs in the long term – you will also turn shopping into a unique digital experience that will delight your customers. Even today, networks from LANCOM give you a high-performance, cost-efficient basis for the retail applications of tomorrow – so your customers think of shopping as an experience.

WLAN-Hotspots – making customers your friends

Customers will stay longer if they can enjoy a coffee in your bistro while checking their mails or going online with the help of your WLAN hotspot. They can login to the hotspot automatically via by e-mail or SMS - no staff required. Your customers will recognize the guest network as an advantage over your competitors. It is of course completely separated from the rest of your store's network, so your internal data remains secure. While your customers are online, you as the shop owner can distribute your latest advertising at an interval of your choice.

Manually pasting price labels is time consuming, demands personnel, and it is error-prone as well. Electronic Shelf Labels are a state-of-the-art technology and offer far more convenience: Price changes, item descriptions, bar codes, and even QR codes are updated via radio. Central control over prices saves time and reduces stress. Even promotional offers can be implemented within minutes. Learn more about Electronic Shelf Labels for retail.


More than 60% of Europeans use a smartphone, and the number is growing every day. That's good to know, because the smart phone is your customer's constant companion and can also work as your marketing assistant. For example, you can send your latest offerings to a customer's mobile phone. That's a real attention grabber and will boost your sales. Another way to achieve this is to optimize your sales floor with the help of visitor stream analysis. Find out more about the future technology LBS

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