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Satisfied customers and their solutions

Wireless LAN and network connectivity by LANCOM optimize processes, improve flexibility, ensure security, and cut costs. A modern network makes you ready for the future. Read here the success stories and brief reference cases from satisfied customers.

Wi-Fi and RFID in Retail

With the implementation of a stable and futur-proof Wi-Fi, MARC O´POLO brings RFID-readers and other applications in their 111 own stores.

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Site connectivity and Wi-Fi at NOMOS Glashütte

NOMOS Glashütte today is a world-famous watch manufacturer with about 250 employees. For optimization of their production they rely on network components "Made in Germany".

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OLYMP, Germany benefits from tailor-made WLAN

The OLYMP Bezner GmbH Co. KG insists upon uncompromising quality and service for its products. The same applies to the wireless communication in their logistics and administration.

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Bijou Brigitte Germany uses site connectivity for its stores

As a market-leading retailer of fashion jewelry and fashion accessories in Europe, the Bijou Brigitte group operates a network of more than 1,150 stores in different countries.

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TTL/TTM: process optimization via network connectivity

Shoppers in Bavaria and Baden-Wurttemberg know TTL/TTM chain of stores as specialists for flooring, walls and windows. A wide-area branch network ensures rapid and secure data transfer between the 90 locations.

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Rewe Group, Germany: VPN & WLAN in retail-trade logistics

This retailer operates one of the largest WLAN and VPN networks in Europe. More than 25,000 access points and 6,000 VPN routers are optimizing the logistics and inventory management at the REWE Group.

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Rose Versand, Germany: WLAN coverage of storage area

The shipping and logistics center in Bocholt is the linchpin of the shipping company Rose Versand. Paperless order picking optimized by WLAN has enhanced and accelerated the processing of orders.

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TEDi, Germany: Discount retailer administrates mobile data

Branch-office connectivity takes digital applications to the stores of the 1-Euro discounter TEDi. Along with the remote maintenance of checkout systems, sales figures can be retrieved over a VPN connection.

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