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Precision and time are vital criteria for intralogistics. Day in, day out, large quantities of goods and items are stored, picked and released. These movements are continuously recorded to central inventory databases.

LANCOM paves the way to enormous increases in efficiency:

  • Lot tracking
  • Site connectivity via WLAN
  • Video surveillance via WLAN
  • Flow of goods optimization via WLAN
  • VoIP for a better availability

LANCOM supports the following features:

  • Wireless LAN access points for all indoor and outdoor operations (incl. cold-storage rooms, harbors, etc.)
  • High-performance WLAN controllers provide central control and monitoring of wireless networks, including those at remote locations
  • VPN solutions for secure cross-site operation and integration into remote IT systems (e.g. ERP, warehouse management, etc.)
  • VLAN-capable switches for end-to-end network virtualization


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