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Mazda Motors (Germany) GmbH

Mazda Motors (Deutschland) GmbH has been active in Germany for over 30 years, and is one of the most successful car importers in the country. Today Mazda in Germany stands for cars with the very latest technology, modern design, supreme reliability and an outstanding price-performance ratio. Overall around 4,800 employees work for the company based in Leverkusen. Mazda cars are available from a network of 665 partners and branches in Germany.


Idea / Requirements

  • Fast and secure information exchange between the headquarters and dealerships (extranet)
  • Networking of dealerships in a region with one another
  • One infrastructure for all applications


  • 2 separate networks on the basis of a uniform ISDN/DSL-capable VPN infrastructure
  • Installation of routers at the dealerships, VPN gateways at the regional main offices
  • Connection of the dealerships to the German headquarters via ISDN
  • Inter-networking of regional dealerships via DSL & VPN (economic regions)
  • Central dispatching data are provided via Citrix servers


  • Optimization of data exchange and logistics (e.g. access to the used-car pool at other dealerships in the region)
  • Optimized protection from unauthorized access
  • Cost reductions from homogeneous infrastructure and central, uniform management
  • Scalable network without replacing components



Approx. 665 x LANCOM VPN routers


Approx. 85 x LANCOM central site VPN gateways