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Intelligent network solutions for the hospitality industry

Are you planning to offer your guests a user-friendly hotspot, use mobile handhelds for taking orders in the restaurant, or provide secure connectivity for your internal administrative network – or even your entire hotel chain? The Smart Hospitality solutions from LANCOM implement multiple possible applications in a single network infrastructure.

More than just standard – a WLAN hotspot that delights

Easy-to-use Internet access is taken for granted these days. Even on vacation or on business trips, your guests want to go online. For many operators, however, setting up a user-friendly and secure hotspot remains difficult to realize. Hotspot solutions by LANCOM are secure, easy to use, and they come with an extensive range of features. You can make Wireless LAN for your guests into a plus – with the best available service for your guests.

Optimal utilization thanks to the secure connection of hotels

A colleague at the exhibition-center hotel needs to know if there is a room free at the city hotel. The head of accounting requires the figures from a number of different branches. The information they need can be accessed from any computer -even when mobile- because LANCOM solutions allow your hotels to be networked via secure VPN connections. The LANCOM solution serves as the foundation for your central hotel management system, which greatly simplifies your processes and increases your productivity as a result.

Signage made easy: Display the booking status of your conference rooms or table reservations in the restaurant with the Wireless ePaper displays from LANCOM. The electronic signs not only look good, they cut your workload as well. The current entries are conveniently managed centrally either via your existing calendar system or by software. Changes are transferred within seconds via radio. Ingeniously simple and simply ingenious, because your signs are always up to date. Learn more about LANCOM ePaper Displays in the hospitality industry

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