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Intelligent network solutions for the healthcare industry

The variety of benefits that you can bring to your clinic is endless: Effective treatments thanks to faster data access, greater convenience for patients, improved internal communication, and more. With solutions from the German network manufacturer LANCOM Systems, you save on costs and time so that you can concentrate on what really matters: your patients.

WLAN hotspot for patients – your competitive edge

Patients today want to surf the web and stay in touch with friends and family via e-mail or chat even during a stay at a hospital or rehab facility. With a user-friendly WLAN hotspot, you can give your patients a little more comfort and make their sickbed feel a bit closer to home. The hotspot solution from LANCOM provides patients with reliable high-speed Internet access and gives you a real competitive advantage.

Patient's rooms, waiting rooms, or the operating theater—with the new LANCOM Wireless ePaper displays, you can digitalize your room signs, simplify your processes and improve transparency. Content is sent directly from your calendar system to the wireless, battery-powered displays—automatically and in near-to real time. Employees and patients can see at first glance which rooms are occupied or available. Learn more about LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays in medical environments.


LANCOM WLAN access points – experts in the healthcare market

WLAN devices can only be used in a medical environment if they comply with tightened standards. For example, you must be sure that their electromagnetic emissions do not interfere with medical equipment. Our high-performance LANCOM access points are approved for hospitals and other medical facilities according to EN 60 601-1-2. More information can be found in our tech paper “WLAN access points in medical environments”.

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