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Satisfied customers and their solutions

Wireless LAN and network connectivity by LANCOM optimize processes, improve flexibility, ensure security, and cut costs. A modern network makes you ready for the future. Read here the success stories and brief reference cases from satisfied customers.

Site connectivity and Wi-Fi for nursing homes, Germany

VPN site connectivity and a wireless network optimize the work of care provider aczepta at five locations.

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3G/4G networking and WLAN for the emergency services, Germany

The St. John's Ambulance Service in and around the German city of Aachen uses a mobile Internet connectivity for their command vehicles.

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Wireless LAN in specialist clinic, Germany

The almost seamless provision of WLAN throughout the premises facilitates the integration of mobile applications in the Schüchtermann-Klinik.

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WLAN and VPN for pharmacies, Germany

Based on German network solutions the ADG optimized the entire goods-flow logistics, check-out and ordering systems in pharmacies.

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Maria Hospital Aachen Catholic Trust, Germany

With a history extending back over 150 years the Maria Hospital Aachen Catholic Trust has developed into a highly modern social and health-care center with a wide range of services and offerings

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Deaconess Hospital in Utrecht gets wireless network

A wireless network is supporting the introduction and management of electronic treatment and patient files, so making redundant paperwork a thing of the past.

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Regio Klinik, Germany extend their network infrastructure

The Regio hospitals successively upgraded the existing network infrastructure at their three hospitals and the administrative office with a multi-functional, Wireless LAN architecture.

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Innsbruck Red Cross - WLAN in emergency service operation

The Innsbruck Red Cross employs a Wireless LAN point-to-point solution for flexibility and reliability in particular for large-scale operations.

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Düren, Germany: Radiological Nuclear Medicine practice

The Radiological Nuclear Medicine practice in Düren has accelerated their workflows thanks to faster image transfer via wireless LAN and VPN.

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