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Security & Stability

A large number of users with different access rights work with the networks at schools and universities. LANCOM provides comprehensive security mechanisms to protect your internal resources from unauthorized access and to prevent the interception of WLAN data traffic. These mechanisms include:

  • Complete protection of the WLAN with WPA2/802.11i encryption and authentication as per 802.1x/EAP
  • Support of Multi-SSID and dynamic VLAN allocation to securely divide the network into multiple logical networks (network virtualization)
  • Protection of internet access against misuse by content-control software
  • Inter-site 24/7 monitoring of WLAN security policies by the LANCOM WLAN controller, including certificate-based authentication of access points
  • Background scanning for rogue AP detection
  • Protection against attacks and viruses:High-performance stateful inspection firewall including Denial-of-Service protection
  • Site connectivity is secured by IPsec VPN

WLAN and VPN solutions from LANCOM ensure that wireless networks and Internet services are available at all sites. The networks benefit from highest levels of stability without limits on communication thanks to, among other things:

  • Excellent signal coverage with net data rates of 100 Mbps
  • Fast client roaming for uninterrupted transmission when on the move
  • Voice over WLAN support
  • No single point of failure: Even if a controller should fail, the WLAN continues to work without performance loss
  • Support for 802.11n high-speed networks: The performance in controller-based networks is significantly increased by intelligent break-out of payload data at the access points
  • Redundancy for VPN routers and gateways (e.g. via ISDN, UMTS, cluster mode)