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LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server

Central management of the LANCOM Wireless ePaper infrastructure

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LANCOM Large Scale Monitoring

Comprehensive monitoring of mid-size to large-scale networks made easy!

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LANCOM Large Scale Rollout & Management

Powerful system for rollout- and change management of medium-sized to very large networks

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Registrations - Advanced VPN Client


The Client provides the user with two different methods of activation:

  • With the online method, a Wizard immediately forwards license information entered by the user to an activation server, and the software is activated straight away.
  • With the offline method, a file is generated after entering the serial number and license key, and this has to be sent to the LANCOM web server. The activation key is then displayed and should be noted down or printed out. This activation key can then be entered into the licensing window of the Monitor menu at any subsequent time:
    to the Software aktivation


Two methods exist for updating to the latest version:

  • An update and/or bugfix to the current version is generally available for free and can be carried out without the purchase of a new license key. An update provides all of the previous bugfixes from earlier versions. Check if a new update is available: Click on "Help", "Search for Updates" and start the Software Update Wizard.
  • With an upgrade to the current version, users of older versions can take advantage of the new features in the current version. An upgrade is subject to a fee and requires the purchase of a new upgrade license key, along with a renewed activation. You do not know which license key you are currently using? Simply check it with a click on "help", License data and activation" in the navigation of your VPN client:

    to the Software Upgrade