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Updates & Workarounds: Advanced VPN Client

This Knowledgebase document describes how to proceed if the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client is no longer functional after an upgrade to Windows 8.1.

As of software version 2.32 RU1 (build 218), the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client provides the possibility to deactivate a licence, in order to activate the Advanced VPN Client on another system. This document describes how to to carry out the deactivation.

After an Update to Windows 8.1, the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client is no longer operational. The necessary steps for an operation with Windowns 8.1 are outlined In this KnowledgeBase article. More

24 Aug. 2011

LANCOM Advanced VPN Client Mac OS X 2.01

With Mac OS X Lion (10.7) errors in displaying the client may occur up to version 2.01 of LANCOM Advanced VPN Client for Mac OS X. Esp. the client monitor (window) might disappear.


Please use the software version 2.02.