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LCOS - LANCOM Operating System

The operating system LCOS (LANCOM Operating System) is a proprietary development based on open standards. This gives our customers the assurance that specialized requirements and upgrades can be integrated quickly. Similarly, even those customers with older devices continue to benefit from regular free software updates. This demonstrates just how hard we are working to protect our customers' investments and how much we value the security of their networks.

New: LCOS 9.20 RU2  

Best WLAN & maximum security for your network!

The LCOS version 9.20 is a heavy-weight package that offers secure networking, encrypted telephony, and top-quality WLAN.

Benefit from noticeable improvements in the performance and reliability of your access points and WLAN routers.

Major new features also include SNMPv3, IKEv2 and BGP to take security in the areas of monitoring, site connectivity and routing to an entirely new level.

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...with the current LCOS version overview

Every year our in-house-developed and made-in-Germany operating system LCOS (LANCOM Operating system) passes through several updates and new release versions. In order to keep track of our LCOS versions, updates, and release candidates, we now provide a corresponding overview.

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