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Central zero-touch management for LANCOM Access Points and
WLAN Routers

  • Centralised Firmware deployment and management of 100 Access Points
    (opt. up to 1000 Access Points)
  • Automatic discovery, configuration and channel assignment of Access Points
  • Monitoring and ensuring the security and QoS policies
  • Scalability and cascadability through multiple controllers including redundancy
  • Unique system design which prevents "single point of failure"
  • Comprehensive support of VLAN, RADIUS and 802.1x/EAP functions
  • Full performance with 802.11n based Access Points

The LANCOM WLC-4100 supports our WLAN optimization concept Active Radio Control!

The LANCOM WLC-4100 is ideally suited due to its scalability and extensibility for WLAN installations with 100 upto 1000 Access Points as found in many companies and public institutions and in universities and healthcare. It can easily manage 1000 Access Points with upto 3000 simultaneously logged on Clients and gives new configurations to the Access Points in a flash. The Controller ensures a simplified installation and a secure setup and provides multiple use of the WLAN infrastructure for different applications and usergroups.

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