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LANCOM L-151gn Wireless

Single Radio Entry 11n WLAN access point with up to 150 Mbps


The LANCOM L-151gn Wireless is a professional 11n WLAN premium entry access poibnt. It serves 11n clients with professional and reliable WLAN in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and is therefore the ideal entry device for the business field in LANCOM premium quality.

Technical features

  • Single Operation WLAN – operation at 2.4 with up to 150 Mbps with IEEE 802.11n
  • Dynamic WLAN optimization thanks to LANCOM Active Radio Control (ARC)
  • Professional security features such as IEEE 802.1X
  • Zero-touch deployment with a LANCOM WLAN controller
  • Easy and secure integration of external users with the Public Spot Option in combination with a WLAN controller

Accessories & Options