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Wlan configuration and management

Automatic configuration via your LANCOM WLAN controller

LANCOM WLAN controllers facilitate the fully automatic configuration of access points, both locally and remotely. The controller's management software detects rogue access points and, if desired, it alerts the administrator. WLAN routers at remote sites can be securely managed. If the connection to the controller should fail, the local WLAN automatically switches to stand-alone mode and keeps your network operational. Smart WLAN controllers provide flexible concepts for a variety of requirements: Performance and operational reliability can be maximized by breaking-out the payload from the access point directly into the network. At the same time, WLAN management data is forwarded to the central controller. For example, an SSID that is dedicated to providing Internet access via WLAN for guests can be securely separated from the network in a LAN tunnel, even where VLAN structures are not in use.


Higher WLAN performance and efficient troubleshooting

Radio field optimization is most often required in environments with a large number of clients and access points. With Band Steering, you can automatically direct the WLAN clients to the preferred frequency band, and thus achieve higher data throughputs. Spectral Scan is LANCOM's user-friendly tool for radio field analysis. The utilization of each WLAN channel is graphically

illustrated – an aid to efficient WLAN troubleshooting.


Efficient configuration of WLAN infrastructures

It is even possible to manage access points in remote networks with a central controller. The practical significance of this becomes clear when rolling-out new WLAN infrastructure. The new access points merely have to be connected via a network with IP access. Configuration is carried out centrally via the controller. This means that WLANs can be rolled out or upgraded without having specially trained technicians on site.


Cost-efficient WLAN management with LANCOM routers

The LANCOM WLC Basic Option for Routers allows you to manage your WLAN infrastructure with your LANCOM router. Up to 6 LANCOM access points or WLAN routers in the LAN or accessible at remote branch offices or home offices can be managed by a LANCOM router with the LANCOM WLC Basic Option. This is a low-cost alternative to a separate WLAN controller.


Guest access accounts in hotels - The all-in-one hotspot solution

Wireless LAN makes it easier than ever for hotel operators to offer their guests high-speed Internet. Quick and easy to install, WLAN Public Spot solutions enable guests to use their own laptop, tablet or smartphone to access the Internet. In hotel rooms or in selected areas only, such as the lobby, the restaurant or conference rooms, guest access accounts can comfortably be configured. The integrated Smart Ticket function ensures that the client receives the login data for the Public Spot automatically via SMS or e-mail. Or as an alternative, vouchers can be printed out. The LANCOM PMS Accounting+ Option is the recommended central billing system for guest access accounts.

All Public Spot connections are automatically logged and billed by the central PMS server on which the hotel billing system is installed. Free guest access accounts are also easy to set up – just as required. Thanks to virtualization (VLAN), the operational network can be separated from the guest network, even though they share the same network infrastructure. This absolutely secure division into logical networks makes it impossible to gain unauthorized access to internal data.