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Automatic management of 6 to 30 access points and WLAN routers

  • Automatic detection, configuration, channel assignment, and monitoring of WLAN devices
  • Remote management of WLAN devices in branch offices
  • Integrated Public Spot Option for an easy configuration of guest accesses
  • Integration of all WLAN devices into LANCOM Large Scale Monitor
  • Comprehensive VLAN, RADIUS, and 802.1x/EAP functions
  • Unique reliability of operation without "single point of failure"

The LANCOM WLC-4006+ supports our WLAN optimization concept Active Radio Control!

A WLAN controller is a secure and convenient way to manage all of your access points and WLAN routers, whether they are in the local network, at branch offices or at teleworkers' homes. Controllers can centrally manage firmware updates for the remote devices, and they provide an efficient way of handling configuration and servicing operations. When you are managing small networks, you no longer have to make any compromises in terms of security and administrative convenience: Ex-factory, the LANCOM WLC-4006+ supports management of up to 6 access points, making it ideal for the professional administration of small networks. This provides 24/7 monitoring of the administrator's WLAN settings even in a very small network or, for example, the operation of a hotspot featuring secure user authentication thanks to the integrated Public Spot function. If the local WLAN network grows larger, or if new sites have to be added in, the WLC can easily be upgraded with +6 Option to handle a maximum of 30 access points.

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