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LANCOM OAP-320 Ethernet Cable

LANCOM OAP-320 Ethernet Cable (30 m)

Outdoor Ethernet cable for LANCOM OAP-321 series, LANCOM OAO-3G, and LANCOM OAP-8xx series

  • UV resistant
  • waterproof RJ45 connector
  • 30 m length


One end of the 30-meter Ethernet cable has an RJ45 watertight connector that is connected to the Ethernet port on the outdoor access point. The other end is a standard RJ-45 connector and is usually used in outdoor installations for connecting surge arrestors, such as the AirLancer Extender SA-LAN.

The LANCOM OAP-320 Ethernet Cable can be used with the LANCOM OAP-32x series and the LANCOM OAP-3G.