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LANCOM GE PoE Injector

Compact single port, 802.3af compliant, midspan Gigabit PoE Injectory especially suitable for access points of the L-3xx- and the L-4xx-series.

  • Single Port midspan PoE Injector with Gigabit support
  • Compliant to IEEE 802.3af
  • Power feed via up to 100m LAN cable
  • Auto-detection of PoE devices
  • Integrated wide range power supply
  • Easy Plug & Play Installation


The midspan injector is the perfect accessory for companies looking for a budget priced way to integrate single PoE devices into their legacy Ethernet infrastructure.

It enables them even to connect high-performance access points, such as the LANCOM L-3xx- and LANCOM L-4xx-series to their non-PoE Gigabit switches. This saves costs especially in smaller networks. The LANCOM GE PoE Injector features a standard auto-sensing algorithm and provides safe power to remote terminals. Due to the integrated wide range power supply the LANCOM GE PoE Injector is a standalone product. Except for an IEC320 standard line cord no additional components are needed for powering the injector. Sliding rails allow stacking multiple injectors together side by side.


The midspan injector is ideally suited for powering 802.11n based access points like our L-3xx and L-4xx series.