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AirLancer Extender I-60ag

Dualband directional antenna for indoor applications

  • Supports 2.4 and 5 GHz
  • Antenna gain at 2.4 GHz: 6 dBi (minus about 2 dB cable loss)
  • Antenna gain at 5 GHz: 8dBi (minus about 3 dB cable loss)
  • 1.5 meter cable included for optimal positioning
  • Including table stand with hole for wall mount
  • Optimal for all LANCOM Access Points


LANCOM Wireless Access Points and Client Adapter are already equipped with antennas for basic utilization. In order to achive better connections and extend range with AirLancer Indoor antennas, Access Points and Client adapters by LANCOM Systems are equipped with connectors for external antennas.