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Wireless LAN

The advantages of wireless LAN

More flexibility, more mobility, and convenience at a lower cost than wired networks. There is no need of expensive cabling. WLANs can be quickly installed without any changes to the building's construction, and they offer more flexibility for employees than wired LANs. Working at their laptops or PDAs, your employees use the WLAN for full access to the company network or the Internet – whether they are at the neighboring colleague's desk, in a conference room, or even in another building. Wireless LANs are unbeatably quick to install and offer those that use them a new dimension in their work. Users can work where it suits them best:


- at their desk in the office

- together with a colleague in a neighboring office

- in a conference room on the same floor

- in a neighboring building

- in a public WLAN HotSpot, e.g. in a café or at the airport


Or even for establishing wireless connections both outdoors and in industrial environments:


- wireless connections, extending over a distance of several kilometers

- industrial complex coverage for transmitting data to moving objects

- robust, wireless networking in warehouses or production facilities


Mobility and stability as a matter of course

In areas of concentrated use, such as in conference rooms, it is advisable to install components which support high-performance WLAN standards. The wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11n is ideal for this. The MIMO technology supported by this standard takes advantage of the reflections of the WLAN signals. What used to cause problems now helps to provide improved WLAN coverage and higher bandwidths.