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LANCOM Public Spot Option

Maximum design flexibility for WLAN guest accesses

  • Flexibly configurable login procedures to WLAN hotspots
  • Comprehensive design options regarding the time of use or validity period of the guest access
  • Voucher layout can be individually adapted to the corporate design
  • Secure separation of guest and internal corporate network
  • Connection to external servers or Property Management Systems
  • Available in two variants: Public Spot Option and Public Spot XL Option
  • Upgradable with the LANCOM Public Spot PMS Accounting Plus Option for a FIAS connection to property management systems

 The enthusing hotspot solution

A hotspot solution is convincing if it is configurable effortlessly, guests get an easy access to the Internet, and a hotspot provider is ensured that his corporate network and his guest network are securely separated. The LANCOM Public Spot solution goes even one step further: Instead of printed login tickets to be individually created by the service staff, the guests can login themselves to the hotspot completely autonomously via SMS or e-mail. This way the hotspot provider saves infrastructure components such as voucher printers, the staff is relieved of effort, and the guest can get access to the Internet without having to pay a visit to the reception.


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