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LANCOM Public Spot Option

Maximum freedom of design for guest Internet access

The LANCOM Public Spot Option provides reliable and secure Internet access for guests, visitors, partners or customers, all based on a common infrastructure. The guest network is at all times strictly and securely separated from the hotel's internal network. There is no need for any additional hardware components, which makes the LANCOM Public Spot Option the optimal solution for the provision of secure hotspots.

 The enthusing hotspot solution

  • Secure separation of guest access from the internal network
  • Flexible configuration of authentication at the hotspot
  • Choice of models for online time and validity period of the guest access accounts
  • Voucher and portal layout can be customized to the individual design of the company
  • Connection to external servers or property management systems via XML, FIAS or RADIUS interfaces
  • Available in two variants: Public Spot Option and Public Spot XL option
  • Upgradeable with the LANCOM Public Spot PMS Accounting Plus option for connection to hotel billing systems
  • Simply upgrade your existing device and save on hardware components


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