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LANCOM WLC Basic Option for Routers

  • Central management for up to 6 LANCOM access points and WLAN routers
  • Full configuration of the access points with profile assignment
  • Easy installation for LANCOM 1781VA, LANCOM 1781EF+, LANCOM 1781VA-4G, LANCOM 1781-4G, LANCOM 1781A, LANCOM 1781A-4G, LANCOM 1783VA, and LANCOM 1784VA, since LCOS 8.62
  • Ideal for smaller, yet professional WLAN installations, such as chain stores, enterprises, or small hotels
  • Remote configuration of WLAN routers or access points, e.g. in home offices possible
  • No additional devices necessary

*former LANCOM WLC-6 Option.

Implement the LANCOM Smart WLAN concept with your LANCOM router!

Use your LANCOM router to manage an existing WLAN infrastructure with the LANCOM WLC Basic Option for Routers. All functions of LANCOM WLAN controllers are included, such as central "zero touch" management of access points and WLAN routers, or the LANCOM layer-3-tunneling to send user data from a radio cell directly to LANCOM WLAN controllers or LANCOM routers. One LANCOM router with the WLC Basic Option for Routers can manage up to six access points or WLAN routers - whether they are localized at your headquarters or in external sites such as home offices.

Supported devices

managed devices
Products WLC Basic Option plus WLC AP Upgrade +6 Option*
LANCOM 1781EF+ 6 12
LANCOM 1781A 6 12
LANCOM 1781A-4G 6 12
LANCOM 1781-4G 6 12
LANCOM 1781VA 6 12
LANCOM 1781VA-4G 6 12
LANCOM 1783VA 6 12
LANCOM 1784VA 6 12
*as of LCOS 8.82