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Everything under control in your WLAN network

With LANCOM WLANmonitor you can centrally monitor the status of a wireless network (WLAN). It presents information about the entire network in general and detailed information about individual access points and logged- in clients. LANCOM WLANmonitor can also collect access points into groups. These groups may consist of access points gathered in buildings, departments, or at particular locations. In particular with large WLAN infrastructures, this helps to keep an overview of the entire network.

Your Central WLAN Monitoring Tool is available for download here

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Security functions of LANCOM WLANmonitor


  • Centralized control of access points, wireless routers, wireless controllers and clients in WLANs
  • Monitoring of a large number of parameters like signal strength, IP addresses, used network profiles or data rates
  • Practical split view interface
  • Displaying of unknown access points and WLAN clients (Rogue AP / Client Detection)
  • Monitoring of security settings for all WLAN devices

WLANmonitor is provided with all LANCOM products.

The current version is always available for free in the download area.