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LANCOM Large Scale Monitor

Powerful monitoring and surveillance system for mid-size and large-scale networks

  • Scalable monitoring of 25 to 15.000 devices
  • Browser-based solution also supports smartphones
  • Adjustable triggers for alerts and notification, incl. parent/child relationships
  • Graphic display of floorplans with active status information
  • Grouping of devices with configurable folder structures or topologies
  • Users, roles and rights management; change logs
  • Monitoring and display of VPN connections
  • Seamless roaming history of WLAN clients at LANCOM access points, even for complex client movements

The LANCOM Large Scale Monitor monitors the operation of LANCOM products. Designed especially for the WLAN access points, WLAN controllers, routers, and switches from LANCOM Systems, it is ideal for monitoring mid-sized to large-scale installations.

Efficient operation of large-scale installations.

The LANCOM Large Scale Monitor (LSM) is a professional tool for monitoring medium-sized to large-scale networks with 25 to several thousand devices network components. Designed especially for LANCOM components including WLAN access points, controllers, switches, and routers, this system based on open-source components additionally allows for the monitoring of third-party products such as servers and printers. Problems in the network are clearly displayed in tables or graphical floor plans, and they trigger alert messages via e-mail if certain threshold values are not maintained.

Versatile options for installation.

Commissioning the LANCOM LSM is made easy thanks to the variety of the packages available. LSM is installed from a bootable CD, which also features a customized Linux distribution (CentOS) to get you started quickly. A fully installed and pre-configured virtual machine (VM) is also available. On top of that, a variety of on-site installation services offers you support with your project installations.

Up to speed – always.

The different user interfaces cater for a variety of different requirements for information. For instance, alerts and dashboards have been designed especially with smartphones in mind, so that system administrators and managers are constantly informed of the availability status.


Operators and support teams benefit from the clearly structured folder views and floor plans with optional real-time status information display for a fast and intuitive access for fault analysis.


Based on NAGIOS, the LANCOM LSM optionally integrates into existing or parent monitoring systems.

More than just a monitoring system.

Another special feature is the seamless roaming history for WLAN stations. This facilitates the fast identification of errors from a central location, which is useful for example when troubleshooting signal-coverage problems experienced by moving WLAN clients. This type of problem is otherwise difficult to locate as data acquisition intervals are typically just 1 to 10 minutes. This greatly simplifies troubleshooting as the complete network history from a WLAN client's perspective helps to provide a complete and seamless understanding.


The monitoring of VPN connections is greatly helped by the specialized and clearly structured display of all configured VPN connections.