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Business VoIP Router with integrated IP PBX for ISDN and SIP telephony at sites with up to 2 ISDN exchange lines 

  • IP PBX for ISDN and 8 SIP subscribers (up to 32 with VoIP-32 Option)
  • SIP proxy for registration with providers and upstream VoIP PBXs
  • SIP gateway with transparent transition between SIP and ISDN
  • Intelligent call routing and number translation
  • Two ISDN ports (NT/TE) with life-line support
  • Stateful-inspection firewall and VPN gateway


The LANCOM 1722 VoIP is the innovative all-round solution providing integrated data and voice networking. It provides an IP PBX, SIP gateway, VPN router, access router and professional firewall in one compact device. 


The Business VoIP Router LANCOM 1722 VoIP seamlessly switches between ISDN telephones, existing ISDN PBXs, SIP subscribers and central VoIP PBXs. 


By enabling the continued use of existing ISDN technology, the LANCOM 1722 VoIP offers investment protection and cost savings with Voice over IP for smaller sites, small offices and subsidiaries. 

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