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High-performance VPN router for Internet connections via external modems and the use of fast fiber connections

  • Professional router with hardware routing for Gigabit-speed Internet access via external modems, Ethernet or fiber
  • Secure site connectivity with 5 simultaneous IPSec VPN channels (25 channels optional)
  • Network virtualization with up to 16 virtual networks on one device (ARF)
  • LANCOM security with integrated stateful-inspection firewall and optional Content Filter
  • Configuration and monitoring with free LANCOM Management System and powerful LANCOM Large Scale Monitor

The professional VPN router LANCOM 1781EF+ is the right choice for establishing modern company networks via fiber or cable modems. Due to its modern hardware platform it is ideal for Gigabit-speed Internet connections. On top of that, the versatile device has a WAN port and a small form-factor pluggable slot (SFP) for transceivers. With this, the LANCOM 1781EF+ can be deployed directly on fiber lines without additional hardware. Costs are reduced and all characteristics of the fiber line can be monitored from afar. With its extensive VPN capabilities, the device provides secure, high-performance connectivity to branch offices and remote workers. The five ports of the integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch ensure maximum performance and are also energy-efficient based on IEEE 802.3az: If no data is transmitted over an interface, its power consumption shuts down automatically. The LANCOM 1781EF+ supplies everything required of a modern enterprise network, such as comprehensive Quality-of-Service capabilities and an object-oriented firewall.

Accessoires and Options