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Central-site VPN gateway for highly secure connectivity of up to 200 sites

  • Certified IT security "Made in Germany" – CC EAL 4+ compliant
  • Ideal for highly secure site connectivity and the protection of critical sub-areas
  • Incl. 100 VPN channels, upgradable to 200 per device
  • Advanced Routing & Forwarding with 256 IP contexts
  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet


The LANCOM 7100+ VPN (CC) is a central site VPN gateway for connecting 100 sites by default, with the LANCOM VPN Option up to 200. It is ideal for public authorities, institutions, and commercial organizations that need a high level of security in their data communications: The LANCOM 7100+ VPN (CC) is intended for high-security operations based on CC EAL 4+. The certification by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) guarantees that the evaluation of the LANCOM products meets worldwide highest standards. The evaluation level CC EAL 4+ is the highest level of certification a commercial network product can achieve. On top of that, the LANCOM 7100+ VPN (CC) comes with a field-proven scope of functionalities and interfaces. Comprehensive VPN functions enable remote sites to access the company network securely. A practical display permanently illustrates all relevant device information, such as temperature, CPU load, and active VPN tunnels.

Accessoires and options