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High-performance central site VPN gateway for connecting up to 1,000 sites

  • VPN site connectivity for large network infrastructures with many external sites
  • Incl. 200 VPN channels, upgradable to 1,000 per device
  • High availability due to VRRP and Load Balancing
  • Advanced Routing & Forwarding with 256 VLAN/IP contexts
  • Optionally upgradable as Public Spot Gateway and with Content Filter
  • 4 x Gigabit Ethernet


The LANCOM 9100+ VPN is a central site VPN gateway for connecting 200 sites by default, with the LANCOM VPN Option up to 1,000. Due to an improved hardware platform with more powerful CPU and the integrated VPN hardware accelerator an encryption performance of more than 600 Mbps is possible. The Quality of Service functionality with dynamic broadband management as well as four Gigabit Ethernet ports cater for a correct prioritization and forwarding of data packets in the network. A practical display permanently illustrates all relevant device information, such as temperature, CPU load, and active VPN tunnels.

Accessories and options