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High-performance central-site VPN gateway for securely networking up to 200 sites

The LANCOM 7100+ VPN is a central-site VPN gateway that provides VPN connections for up to 100 sites as standard, which is upgradeable to 200 with the LANCOM VPN Option. The LANCOM 7100+ VPN implements large multi-service IP network structures with the highest levels of security, reliability and performance. The right choice for secure, reliable and sustainable networking solutions "Made in Germany".

Technical features

  • VPN site connectivity for large network infrastructures with large numbers of external sites
  • Provides 100 VPN channels, upgradable to 200 per device
  • Advanced Routing & Forwarding with 256 VLAN/IP contexts
  • Status monitoring with the front-mounted display
  • Optional upgrades as a Public Spot gateway and Content Filter
  • Security Made in Germany
  • Maximum future compatibility, reliability and security

Accessoires and options