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LANCOM 3G/4G routers with WLAN

The mobile conference room

The LANCOM 3G/4G routers with WLAN are ideal for conferences away from the office, from the home office, and for setting up temporary networks. Thanks to their integrated 3G/4G module and 802.11n wireless LAN, all they need is a power supply to provide secure and high-speed Internet access from any location and to connect to company networks over an IPSec VPN.


Mobile access to the company’s network

Employees can log into the company's network while they are on the road: The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client has an integrated firewall enabling secure data communication through the Internet. Even Voice-over-IP via VPN is no problem since VoIP data is automatically given higher priority. This means employees can still be reached at their personal telephone extension, even if they are staying in a hotel. Even mobile devices have problem-free access to the company network. The LANCOM myVPN app configures your mobile device for a secure VPN connection.