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LANCOM Advanced VPN Client Windows

Universal VPN Software Client for secure corporate network access when traveling

  • Universal VPN Software Client
  • High-security, encrypted corporate network access when traveling
  • Integrated stateful inspection firewall
  • Common Support Tips


The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client provides field staff with high-security encrypted access to the company network—nationwide and abroad. Once configured, the VPN connection can be established with only one click using the best available connection media. The Client also includes a stateful-inspection firewall and it supports all IPsec protocol extensions. VoIP data is prioritized. The integrated UMTS dialer as features an integrated Budget Manager that offers adjustable time and volume limits for full cost control. A list of approved UMTS network operators can be set up and roaming can be limited. Automatic login to LANCOM and T-Mobile HotSpots can be set up in advance. 


Windows 10 compatible? No problem: All of our LCMS tools, such as the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client operate problem-free with the LCMS version 9.10 on Windows 10 systems.

Her you can find what to consider before updating to Windows 10 and here general information on installing software version 3.02 for Windows.


Test the user-friendly LANCOM Advanced VPN Client with our free 30-days trial version.