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LANCOM Product Guide

Product catalog app with solution scenarios, news channels, and integrated project management

  • LANCOM products and solutions at a glance
  • Automatic update and off-line function
  • LANCOM news channels

Mobile working, of course  

The LANCOM Product Guide provides an overview of the full range of current LANCOM products for Wireless LAN and Network Connectivity, illustrative examples from different industries, and news about the latest innovations.

Detailed information and data sheets are available for every product, and the update function makes this available even without an Internet connection.



News channels

Separate news channels can be subscribed to individually to keep users up to date.







The Solutions section illustrates the many potential applications for LANCOM solutions, ranging from video surveillance in logistics to Internet access for guests in hotels.

Product portfolio

The Product portfolio section provides concise and to-the-point descriptions of the LANCOM Systems products for WLAN and Network Connectivity. Always have relevant information and features at hand.

My Projects

With "My Projects" you can create your own network projects by collecting various products together, save them, and send them by e-mail.